Beyond Bordeaux in Hong Kong

Running over, so back to writing. I have authored the below feature – telling the story of Hong Kong’s past, present and future wine scene – for US-based online wine magazine Palate Press. It appears in full on their website: due to copyright, only the opening part of the piece is produced on The 23rd Parallel. For the remainder, please click on the link at the end of second paragraph. I hope you enjoy reading it.


Hong Kong. A city of more than 7 million people shoehorned into a small parcel of land at China’s five o’clock. This is an Asian city with a growing Western influence, with food and drink a central cultural tenet. Despite a rapid growth in middle-class incomes since the mid-1990s, the local moral compass has retained the importance of “face”: this raising of one’s profile through vocational and academic rigour, in order to enhance social standing, has been one of the key drivers of the wine scene here.


In addition to education, there have been two other catalysts for the growth of wine consumption in the city. The first was the points-based assessment of wine. Linked heavily to the ritual of gifting, people started buying high-scoring bottles in an attempt to align themselves to the notion of sophistication. Secondly, a two-stage drop in duty on wine from 80% to zero in the 2000s meant the volume of wine being purchased rose dramatically.

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I’m hugely excited to be contributing to the Palate Press team, the current front cover of which can be seen below. In circulation since 2009, their online magazine has a significant national and international following. You can find out more by going to their website.

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One thought on “Beyond Bordeaux in Hong Kong

  1. I enjoyed your perceptive remarks about wine, HK, and the evolutionary changes taking place in the local wine scene. Having been a grape grower in Napa and Sonoma in CA for past 42+ years, and the same in South Africa for 16+ years, I have a wee bit of perspective/opinion on the subject, As you have undoubtedly learned through the three levels of WSET, wine has endless dimension, and the further you get into it, there more intriguing it becomes. PP is an excellent forum; I visited Dave Honig a few years back after he ran a very nice review of our Pinotage; excellent guy whose day job is as an attorney.On our Silkbush website, I have also been doing a blog for some extended time, and have been published twice on
    Lastly, I’ll be in HK next week and would enjoy speaking with you first hand. Cheers, mate!


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